Wine Growers
Sustainable agriculture

Artisan Craftmanship

We are passionate winegrowers from neighbouring villages. It is everyone’s responsibility to work the vineyards according to our commonly agreed standards.

We have joined forces to manage the technically sophisticated champagne production. This way, we ensure consistently outstanding quality – with people who fully stand behind their product!

South of the Champagne

Guerdon benefits from the south of the Champagne region. A lot of sunshine and the special limestone soil help us to harvest grapes with lots of character and fruitiness.

The harvest from the south of Champagne provides the basis for an exceptional champagne with a lot of volume, complexity and unique taste!


Conservation of nature is key for the production of our cooperative. “Viticulture Raisonnée “is the basis for the cultivation of all our vineyards.

Sustainable harvesting is at the heart of our wine-growing efforts and is monitored by every grower on an ongoing basis. The “Chambre d’ Agriculture” supports us to achieve the best results in the vineyards over the long term.