Limited Bottles
Months Aging
Own Grapes

Numbered Bottles

Internationally renowned champagnes are produced by the millions from global corporations. To produce such large quantities, sometimes up to 85% of the grapes are bought from other wine growers.

Guerdon is produced in limited quantities and each bottle is given a unique number. We produce Premium Champagne, not an industrial product!

Extra Aging

Good champagne requires time! Like a great red wine, the taste develops with aging. Many large champagne corporations are not able or willing to invest this time into their product.

Guerdon’s extra long aging guarantees its balanced taste and fine effervescence. Our champagne often ages twice as long as many of the renowned brands. Enfant Terrible matures at least 48 months in the bottle (“on the yeast”) before you can enjoy this Brut champagne.

Best Grapes

We go even further than just use 100% of our own grapes for the production. Only the best part of the grape juice, the first pressing (“cuvèe”), is used for Guerdon Champagne.

While the big brands have to buy grapes in large quantities to meet their needs, we can ensure that only the best part of the grape juice is used for our product.