Unique Bottles

Extraordinary champagne deserves an exceptional bottle! The sensual surface of Guerdon is unique and protects the champagne from harmful influences.

In addition, the champagne remains cold for longer and the bottle is always pleasant to hold. Thanks to our special “diamond corks” our champagne cannot be spoiled by the taste of bad cork.

Premium Champagne

Guerdon embodies the fruitiness of Pinot Noir with the finesse of Chardonnay. Thanks to its extended aging and high share of reserve wines, we produce a fresh Champagne full of character and finesse.

The pleasant taste is supported by fine and smooth effervescence. Guerdon Champagne is a reward to the senses for every occasion.

Exceptional Taste

We will shortly extend our range of products by two additional premium champagnes:

  • Rosè: 36 months aged, our “Reine Rebelle” is a symphony for the senses. Balanced, smooth and elegant in taste – an absolute must for every Rosè lover.
  • Millesime: 72 months aged, this is the big brother of our Brut. Matured and bold in taste, this is a vintage champagne for true connoisseurs.